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Salsbury Spring Media and Fine Arts

A multi-media arts company

Creation of fine arts and multimedia products for home and business

Fine arts for your home or business -- Watercolors, acrylics, oils, hanging art, murals -- matted and framed as you wish

Multimedia -- personal events, business brochures, commercials, promotion mailouts -- we will produce all elements, or use your work, such as music, photographs, and videos, to create the product that suits your needs -- video tape, CD rom, dvd, printed matter

Play the Salsbury Rag

Salsbury Spring Located in Vienna, Virginia, Salsbury Spring has been flowing for over 300 years. It was the location of Civil War encampments for both Union and Confederate armies, providing precious water to soldiers and horses alike as refreshment from the heat of battle. The waters of Salsbury Spring flow into Difficult Run and then into the Potomac River. It still provides a cool, green respite from the summer heat.


            Photo histories

            Video Productions

            CD and DVD Promotions

            Oil and Watercolor Commissions

Projects underway:

            Vienna Mural -- Completed --- Music in mural project   

            Vienna Arts Society and the Community -- Completed

            Restaurants of Maine

            Crew of USS Belfast -- Completed

            Belfast Curling Club

            Artist commissions

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